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Here's what our Triathlon and Multisport Training Clients say about Tri-umph!

About 3 years ago I started taking inventory of my life. For the last 15 years I had been taking care of my 3 young children and fully supporting a husband who was becoming a Surgeon. When my youngest started 1st grade and I was only a year away from turning 40, I decided it was going to be all about me for awhile. No more residency, no more napping children, no more kids in 1/2 day school. I made my mind up to do something.

When my neighbor completed his first triathlon he told me it changed his life and that struck a cord. I joined Tri-umph and that was the best decision in my life.

It is so much fun. The comradery in the group is amazing. I'm hooked.

I did 2 Sprint Triathlons the first summer. Last summer I completed 2 Sprint and one Olympic Triathlon. This summer I hope to do a Half-Ironman. These accomplishments would never had happened without Tri-umph and my coach Kate!!! She is truly an inspirational, patient and understanding coach.

Tri-umph changed my life so much that my husband wanted to be part of the team. He joined triumph last year and it was great not only for him but for us. Our marriage is stronger then it has ever been and I love training and going through this chapter of our lives together. Oh yeah and the way both of our bodies have changed is pretty incredible also. I am so lucky to have all these incredible athletes in my life and its all thanks to Tri-umph!!!

-Deb S

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I have always been a person who liked to stay active, considered myself somewhat in shape and competitive by nature. So when a few of my friends started to get involved in Triathlons and training through Tri-umph I thought to myself, why not give it a shot and see what it is all about. That was 5 months ago. Since joining Tri-umph I have lost 10 lbs, feel great and am probably in the best shape of my life. Training for a triathlon I have found is about changing your lifestyle which Kate and the rest of coaches at Tri-umph help me with by coaching me, motivating me and keeping it fun at the same time. I can’t wait for my first race this summer.

-Jay M

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Running, for me, is very relaxing, and learning to bike faster and more efficiently has been quite satisfying. But taking part in triathlons means swimming, too. It seemed easy enough, but learning to swim has proven quite challenging. I gladly would have given up, but working with a dedicated coach like Kate motivated me to get past my own self-doubt. She’s always right there to work with you in a way that helps you to get better. Like the time she video taped our class, giving individual visual feedback and instruction. We all have our weak event in a triathlon, but with a coach like Kate they become easier to complete.

-Dorothy K

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I began doing triathlon's five years ago. After completing my first sprint triathlon, I was hooked. The first race I did was small, and took place in a swimming pool as opposed to the open water. I decided that I needed to expand my goals, and try a race in a more challenging forum. However, it was clear that I needed help and guidance.

I am a disabled athlete, a survivor of a nasty car accident that happened when I was twelve. You would think that the orthopedic difficulties that the accident left me with would have been my biggest barrier in attempting to race. However, that open water swim was more menacing than any physical problems I ever encountered as a result of the accident. The bike and run, or in my case, a fast walk, were every bit as overwhelming. I leapt into my blind faith mode, believing a good coach might help me resemble Lance, or Lancette as the case may be!

While I was looking for a triathlon coach to train with, I met Kate through a spin class she taught. She encouraged me to try the triathlon training group she was coaching. I can't thank her enough for the nudge she gave me, for the experience she has provided me has changed my life. She is a stellar coach, friend, and athlete. She never leaves you feeling as if your goals are too crazy, or your dreams are too big. She challenges every athlete she works with, and encourages the inner fight in each of us to come out.

I can't imagine training without her guidance, as each year I learn a little bit more from all the years of coaching she brings to the table. While I am not the new Lancette, I have accomplished things I never thought possible. The triathlon journey starts with knowing how to race in the safest, smartest, most productive way you can. Kate has showed this to me with an honest, effective, fun and challenging training program. She is someone to meet.

-Katherine C

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I have completed two triathlons under Kate's guidance and felt unbelievably good inside and out. I am probably in better shape now than when I was in my early 30’s. My sense of self took on a very positive change, because when you set a goal and accomplish it - “WOW!” that feels good!!! My body is strong and my mind has become stronger. I will continue to work with Kate because I like her training philosophy and style. We are working on new goals and workout routines during these cold winter months. She is an A+++ coach, trainer and person.

-Deb P

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