Personal Training

Melissa Savage - Tri-umph Running Coach

  • Illinois High School Association Track and Cross Country Official

  • USAT Certified Coach - Level 1

  • Certified American Swimming Coach

  • Head Coach - Niles West / Oakton Runner's Club

  • Personal Trainer
Contact Info
Melissa Savage

Philosophy: We are given one body. We must treat it with respect. We must challenge it. We must keep it healthy and active, all the time, not just for an event. Being an athlete means adopting a lifestyle that revolves around doing the best for our bodies. This means running, swimming, cycling, rowing, climbing, anything that gets us moving and pushing the limits. We must fuel our bodies properly to maintain strength and endurance. We must rest appropriately to recover. Do these things and your body will reward you with achievements beyond your wildest dreams!

Melissa's role as a coach is to guide athletes toward their dreams, to help them realize their potential and encourage them to work hard to make those dreams reality. It is an honor to work with people who are not afraid of pushing beyond their preconceived limits and venture into the realm of greatness.

Coaching Background:
  • In 2002 Melissa became a personal trainer and coach. She has coached runners individually or as a team
  • Melissa has coached a woman who was blind from birth and became a triathlete. She is an amazing athlete!
  • She coached Girls on the Run, a mentoring program for grade school girls, for 3 years at Lincolnwood School in Evanston. If you ever want to see how athletics can change a life, become involved with Girls on the Run.
  • Melissa is certified as an Illinois High School Association Track and Cross Country official. This means… She gets to carry a gun.
  • In 2005 Melissa became head coach of the Niles West/Oakton Runners Club when Coach Pat came out of retirement to become Head Cross Country and Track Coach at DePaul, his alma mater. NWORC has been the top road racing club in CARA for 18 years out of 19. Their athletes win their age groups on a regular basis. They are dedicated and work hard for their team. They also really like pizza and beer.
  • In 2008 Melissa joined the Tri-umph coaching team as the running specialist. She is an incredible asset and coaches running, strength, flexibility, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team!
Athletic Background: Melissa started running in February of 1979 as an incentive to give up smoking. It took almost a year. She then decided to run the Chicago Marathon and trained toward that, running the race in 1981, on a hot and windy September day. She swore she’d never run again, but of course she did because she was hooked.

In 1989 she was recruited to run for her corporate team, fulfilling the requirements of being a female manager over the age of 35. Her event was 800 meters, which had to run in 3 minutes or less. A friend introduced her to the running club at Niles West and to coach Pat Savage, who started the club in 1989. The rest, as they say, is history. While working out with a team, she became faster and more competitive. She likes to tell people that she learned how bad she could hurt and not die.

She has competed for 15 years on the CARA Circuit for Niles West, racing 5Ks to marathons. She has competed in seven marathons, finishing all successfully.
  • In 2005, Melissa won her age group and was voted Veteran Runner of the Year
  • She has placed 2nd or 3rd in her age group 4 years,
  • Her best marathon time is 3:22,
  • Her best ½ marathon time is 1:33,
  • Her best 5K time is 19:58,
  • Her best 10K time is 41:50.
In 2007 decided to give triathlons a try. She fell in love with this diverse sport and never looked back. She started going to a swim class, biking with a triathlon buddy, and signed up for Leaning Tower Triathlon. She didn’t drown and had a blast. While she will always be first and foremost a runner, she has become a triathlete, and has never been in better condition.

Favorite Distance: Olympic as it challenges her completely

Favorite Pig-out Food: French fries with barbecue sauce and an ice-cold Sam Adams. YUMMO!

2009 Goal: Completing a 1/2 Ironman

Dream It, Believe It, Train It, and Achieve It! sm