Personal Training

Tri-umph In-Home Personal and Triathlon Training

Busy lives and time commitments often lead to skipping workouts. In-home personal training can change your life and keep you working out more consistently.

No need for expensive equipment. Free weights, resistive tubes, foam rollers, Swiss balls, medicine balls, Pilates rings or Bosu are enough to keep you strong.

Individual strength, core, swimming, running, and cross-conditioning programs available.

Tri-umph Personal Trainers will first assess your fitness level, body fat, flexibility, any previous injuries, as well as your goals and desires. Your in-home training program will be written according to your needs. Training sessions will focus on strengthening any muscle imbalances.

Tri-umph will keep you ready for everyday life by increasing your energy level, allowing you to work more efficiently, play with your kids or animals, train for a race, or address health issues.

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