Personal Training

Tri-umph Corporate Training Programs

Employees are busier now more than ever before. This leads to skipping workouts, which can increase employee health issues, unscheduled absences, and health insurance costs.

Tri-umph Corporate Training Programs can help your employees feel happier and healthier while helping decrease your health insurance costs and lost productivity.

No need for expensive equipment. Free weights, resistive tubes, foam rollers, Swiss balls, medicine balls, Pilates rings or Bosu are enough to keep you strong.

Tri-umph Personal Trainers will first assess each of your team member's fitness level, body fat, flexibility, any previous injuries, as well as their personal goals and desires. Your training program will be written according to your team's needs.

Tri-umph will keep your team ready for their work and everyday life by increasing their energy level, allowing them to work more effectively, be more productive, increase their morale, and improve their overall health and well-being.

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